Refunds and deferrals

This information applies only to ACER-managed test sittings. (For WA please contact your Tertiary Admission Centre, TISC)


By completing the STAT registration process (including payment) candidates are reserving a place to sit STAT. This does not constitute an application for tertiary admission.

Please note:

  1. Unless otherwise required under the Australian Consumer Law or other applicable law, candidates may not be eligible for a refund once the relevant sitting is booked and this will include monies paid for preparation materials included with the relevant STAT registration.
  2. However, STAT test registrations may be cancelled and refunds requested up until close of bookings for your selected test window. This will incur an administration fee of $65.
  3. Except as otherwise required under the Australian Consumer Law or other applicable law, no refunds will be given for the purchase of any STAT preparation materials.
  4. STAT registrations for candidates requesting reasonable test adjustments may be cancelled and refunds requested any time before bookings close and reasonable test adjustments are offered by ACER.

To submit a refund request:

  • log in to your ACER User Account
  • click on the 'Manage test booking' button
  • click on the 'Request a refund' button.

The test fee (minus the administration fee), subject to the above, will be refunded to the credit/debit card used for payment within two weeks of your request.


Deferrals will incur an administration fee of $65.

Test deferrals can be made between test windows within a STAT test cycle only. You must request this before the test window closing date. Deferrals will not be available if there are no more test sittings in the test cycle. Test cycles run from 15 April to 14 April of the following year.

You can reschedule test sessions within a test window directly with the remote proctoring company up until 72 hours prior to the end of the test window. After this point, no more changes can be made.

If you do not book your ProctorU date and time 72 hours before the test window closing date you will not be able to sit during that test window. You will need to defer your test to the next available sitting (administration charge applies) or forfeit your booking.

Candidates are not permitted to transfer their reservation to another candidate.


To submit a deferral request:

  • log in to your ACER User Account,
  • click on the 'Manage test booking' button, and
  • click on the 'Apply for deferral' button.
  • You will be required to choose the session you wish to defer to. You may choose to defer your test booking more than once within a STAT cycle (15 April - 14 April). Please note each deferral will incur an administration fee.

You will be directed to the payment portal for payment of the administration fee. The deferral will not be processed until the transaction is complete.


Ill health, emergencies and technical difficulties on the test day

Please note: the timelines specified below are strict and any application by you outside those times will not be considered.

If you are sick or experience technical difficulties during your scheduled test session(s), you have the following options based on the time remaining until the end of the test window:
  • more than 24 hours - reschedule your test with ProctorU via live chat only or defer your test to the next window.
  • less than 24 hours - contact the STAT Office via your ACER User Account Messaging System immediately with your reason and supporting evidence for consideration.

Refunds may only be provided if there are extenuating circumstances, in which case, medical certificates or other official proof must be provided (within 1 week of your scheduled exam session). If your reason is approved, the funds will be refunded to the credit/debit card used for payment minus an administration fee of $65.

Receiving a ‘Letter of Offer’ from your chosen university provider does not meet the requirements of ‘extenuating circumstances’ under the STAT Refund Policy. If you choose to cancel your STAT booking after the refund window has closed, your request will be processed as a change of mind and you will not be entitled to a refund. Please confirm the entry requirements with your provider before committing to a STAT booking.

Please note refunds will not be provided in the case of technical issues arising from the following situations:

  • Failure of a candidate’s own computer equipment or Internet connection
  • Errors in understanding the operation of the delivery platform candidates are required to use to undertake the test
  • Failure by the Candidate to follow the instructions of a supervisor or proctor in the administration of the test being undertaken.