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STAT results are released a few days after the conclusion of each test window. Australian applicants should refer to the test windows calendar.

Once your results are ready, you will receive an email from the STAT Office. You can then login into your ACER account to access your results.

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Common questions

You will receive an email once your results are available to download from your STAT account. Results are not released over the phone, posted or directly emailed.

Email us at or contact us via the messaging function in your ACER account.

You will receive an email once your results are available to download from your STAT account. Results are not released over the phone, posted or directly emailed.

Applicants to Australian universities will need to provide their STAT results to each university their wish to apply.

STAT results will be provided directly to all non-Australian universities.

If you have changed your email address, please update your email address in your ACER account or email the or use the contact us page, so that we can send your result notification to the correct email address. Verification of your identity will be required in order to confirm the change.

Please check all your email addresses to find out which one received the Confirmation of Registration email from ACER. This will be the username for your ACER account.

There is no pass or fail score for STAT. Universities decide on the appropriate minimum required scores for different courses. STAT Global for University College London scores are reported on a scale range from 0-200, with a mean of 100.

For entry to Australian universities STAT scores are reported as a mark on a scale ranging between 100 and 200, with a mean of 150.

The Total (Multiple Choice) Scale Score is calculated using the following formula:

Overall Score = (Verbal Reasoning + Quantitative Reasoning) / 2.

The Written English Score is treated separately as not all test takers sit both tests.

STAT scores are intended to provide a relative estimate of a test takers ability compared to other test takers.

Universities are provided with percentile rankings in relation to scores achieved by each test taker. For example, a test taker who receives a total percentile rank of 81.4 has achieved a score that is as good as or better than 81.4% of the test-taking population. Percentile ranks provide information about how well a test taker has performed relative to the test-taking population in the reference year

Currency of results

STAT results have a 3-year validity from the date of issue.

Some universities may impose their own limit on the length of time for which they consider a STAT score valid. Test takers are advised to check each university and course requirements carefully.


Candidates are advised that STAT results are released only after careful calculation and extensive checking.

ACER will not enter into appeals regarding STAT results. Requests for re-marking will not be considered. There will be no consideration, such as adjusting test results, for perceived or actual impaired performance on the test day caused by illness or other unexpected personal situations. Test takers are encouraged to contact ACER prior to the test to arrange an alternative test session.

Please note that test takers will not be provided with any additional information regarding scores or the scoring process.

Any complaints or difficulties should immediately be brought to the attention of the proctor. Issues that cannot be resolved by the proctor at the time of the test should be reported to the STAT Office at ACER by email ( on the day of the test so that the issue can be addressed without delay. As much information as possible should be provided in the email to ACER.

Download the ACER complaint and appeals policy