The name on your identification document must match the name you use to book your STAT sitting.

On the day of the test you are required to show an official form of photo-bearing identification, such as a:

  • current passport
  • current driver licence
  • current proof of age card
  • current Keypass card.

Digital driver licences will be accepted in NSW, SA and QLD ONLY. Other forms of digital ID, photocopies of ID and expired identification are NOT ACCEPTED.

Your identification document MUST contain:

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • a recent photograph (embedded in the card)
  • your signature.

A student or workplace identification card is only acceptable if it meets all four criteria listed above.

If you do not hold any of the above forms of photo-bearing identification, you must obtain a statutory declaration, accompanied by a photo which has been signed on the back by the witness to the statutory declaration. This witness should be independent of the person making the declaration. 

This includes candidates who have recently changed their name. Please note, change of name documents, supplemented by ID in your old name, will not be accepted for online tests. Please obtain a statutory declaration with your new name if you do not have any of the accepted identification documents listed above in your current name.

Candidates who cannot present an identification document as specified above will not be permitted to start their STAT sitting.