Technical issues

Please be aware that occasionally through the online test delivery method, significant and/or unforeseeable technical problems may occur during your test session. Where issues cannot be resolved by your online proctor, your session may need to be rescheduled. Your test session MUST be rescheduled with ProctorU.

If you experience technical difficulties during your test that cannot be resolved, please email as soon as possible.

Resits for technical issues and lost time can only be made if the STAT team have been notified during the testing window.

You are strongly advised to complete all of the necessary equipment checks and to allow enough time for rescheduling your test session within the test window (if necessary) due to genuine misadventure or unforeseeable technical problems. Test sessions can be rescheduled up to 72 hours before the end of the STAT online test window. 

Once results have been issued, no further resits, deferrals or consideration can be given to complaints or difficulties experienced during the test.

Results will not be amended for any perceived difficulties experienced.