Prohibited items

  • calculators (including computer-based and online)
  • dictionaries of any type (including online)
  • books, papers, pencil cases, rulers or stationary other than what is approved
  • all additional items on surface that you are taking your test from (eg desk) that are not permanently affixed or approved for the test 
  • mobile phones/smartphones/smart watches or other communication devices
  • watches of any type 
  • audio or recording devices, with or without earphones
  • headphones, earbuds or earplugs
  • bags, briefcases or crash helmets
  • pets should be in another room or part of the house when testing online – prior approval is required to have support animals present
  • food (unless prior consent has been given by ACER)
  • smoking, vaping or smokeless tobacco (dipping) during online test sessions, including the start-up process
  • music, TV and/or other background noise (unless prior consent has been given by ACER)
  • non-religious head coverings that obstruct the eyes and/or ears (including sunglasses)
  • additional display monitors 
  • no additional cables leaving the computer outside of the mouse, keyboard, ethernet and power cables 

Candidates must NOT have access to mobile phones or smart watches during the test. All phones and watches MUST be switched off and watches must be removed during online test sittings.

Online Test Room setup:

  • candidates must be seated at a hard surface such as a desk. It is not permitted to take the test sitting on beds, couches or on the floor
  • candidates' backs should be facing the door (if possible)
  • rooms where a clear glass wall would allow someone else to view the computer screen are not permitted