Prohibited items

  • calculators (including computer-based and online)
  • dictionaries of any type (including online)
  • mobile phones/smartphones/smart watches or other communication devices
  • audio or recording devices, with or without earphones
  • books, papers, pencil cases (exemption: online test takers are permitted two pieces of blank paper for the purpose of mathematical notation)
  • any stationery other than grey-lead pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener (exemption: Written English test takers are also permitted blue or black pens)
  • bags, briefcases, crash helmets
  • pets

Candidates must NOT have access to mobile phones or smart watches during the test. All phones and watches MUST be switched off while at the test venue.

There is usually limited space for storage of candidates' property in test centres. Please keep your belongings to a minimum.

Water bottles are permitted, but there is to be no eating during the test unless prior consent has been given by ACER or the Tertiary Admission Centre you booked with.

Smoking is not permitted inside the test centre or during online test sessions.