When will I receive my results?

Results release dates for exam sittings booked through ACER are published here.

If you sat your test through TISC, you will need to contact them directly to enquire.

How are results provided to you?

You will receive an email once your results are available to download from your STAT account. Results are not released over the phone, posted or directly emailed.

How is the STAT test scored?

There is no 'pass or fail' score for STAT. Institutions decide on the appropriate minimum required scores for different courses.

STAT scores are reported as a mark on a scale ranging between 100 and 200, with a mean of 150. The score scale reflects the differing abilities of the candidates and the different degrees of difficulty of the test items. Results are calculated using complex algorithms. It is not possible for candidates to work out how many questions they answered correctly.

The Total (Multiple Choice) Scale Score is calculated using the following formula:
Overall Score = (Verbal Reasoning + Quantitative Reasoning) / 2.
The Written English Score is treated separately as not all candidates sit both tests.

STAT scores are intended to provide a relative estimate of a candidate's ability compared to other potential or past applicants.

What is a percentile ranking?

Institutions are provided with percentile rankings in relation to scores achieved by each candidate. For example, a candidate who receives a total percentile rank of 81.4 has achieved a score that is as good as or better than 81.4% of the test-taking population. Percentile ranks provide information about how well a candidate has performed relative to the test-taking population in the reference year.

There is not a linear relationship between the scale scores and the percentile rank. The percentile rank is affected by the STAT candidate results distribution/population performance.

How does the university receive my STAT results?

If you applied to university through a Tertiary Admissions Centre, your results will be issued to the university for you.
If you applied directly to a university, you must provide your statement of results to the university yourself.

What are the minimum STAT scores for entry into university?

Universities set their own minimum scores for entry into each course; ACER does not have access to this information.

STAT results are taken into consideration with the other application requirements that institutions request. Please contact universities directly for specific information on applicant selection criteria.

STAT results are not comparable to ATARs and ACER cannot provide an ATAR equivalent score.

How do university admissions staff confirm an applicant’s STAT test results?

Affiliated universities can confirm applicant STAT test results by logging in to the STAT National database (managed by TISC).

If your university does not have access to the STAT National Database you should contact the organisation that the candidate sat their test through. This should be noted on the statement of results.

TISC (WA) (08) 9318 8000

All other states and overseas sittings email the STAT Office at ACER.

Do you need another copy of your results?

To obtain a duplicate of past STAT test results, please contact the organisation listed for the state you sat your test in below. You may be charged a fee for this service.

QLD  (prior to 2021)    QTAC 1300 467 822 (no area code required for 1300 numbers)

SA & NT (prior to April 2022)    SATAC (08) 8224 4000

WA       TISC (08) 9318 8000

TAS & VIC (prior to 30 June 2018)    VTAC 1300 364 133 (no area code required for 1300 numbers)

ACT & NSW (prior to 30 June 2016)     UAC 1300 275 822 (no area code required for 1300 numbers)

Overseas sittings (prior to 30 May 2016)     TISC (08) 9318 8000

All other Australian, overseas and online sittings     Login to your ACER User Account.