Structure and content

The STAT Multiple Choice (MC) test:

  • 70 multiple-choice questions, half Verbal (Critical) Reasoning, half Quantitative Reasoning
  • 2 hour test, plus 10 minutes reading time
  • Candidates applying to sit the test through their state Tertiary Admissions Centre sit this test version.
  • STAT F & P are different multiple-choice versions, used by a small number of candidates applying directly to individual institutions.

All STAT MC questions are in multiple-choice format with 4 response alternatives, from which candidates are asked to choose the most appropriate/best answer.  Each question has only one correct response.

Test questions are placed into either verbal or quantitative Units. Units are interspersed throughout the test. The STAT test questions are based on stimulus material drawn from a variety of common sources. All the information required to answer questions is contained in each Unit. If the stimulus material is an historical document, the candidate’s knowledge of history is NOT being assessed.

Verbal / Critical Reasoning
The focus is on interpretation and understanding of ideas in language. Questions may require candidates to:

  • identify the main idea in a passage
  • interpret specific words and phrases
  • paraphrase what is stated
  • infer suggestions and deduce meanings

Some Units test the comprehension of demanding and complex language with emphasis on analysing and understanding the stimulus material. Other Units test the understanding and processing of ideas presented in more elementary language with emphasis on manipulating information and solving problems. Units may deal with objective or subjective material, or conceptual or argumentative issues.

The aim of the test is to include a balanced representation of a wide range of material and kinds of thinking.

Quantitative Reasoning
The aim is to test your comprehension and application of information presented in scientific and mathematical contexts.

Items may present information in numeric, symbolic, spatial or graphical form. Questions do not require an in-depth knowledge. The focus is on your ability to interpret and apply information, and to use information provided for decision making and problem solving.

The STAT Written English test:

  • Two essays
  • 1 hour test, plus 5 minutes reading time
  • Used by some Tertiary Admissions Centres and individual institutions as required.

The STAT Written English test assesses a candidate's ability to communicate effectively in writing. Candidates are asked to respond to a choice of comments/prompts.

Each piece of writing is assessed independently by two markers.

Markers evaluate each written piece in relation to the thought and content; structure and organisation; and expression, style and mechanics of the language.