Equity and fairness

STAT has been developed to assist universities in ranking applicants in a way that is valid and fair.

ACER tests are developed to rigorous professional and technical standards. Test questions are designed and developed by teams of ACER writers, expert in their subject areas and in test construction. All test questions in development are carefully scrutinised in an ongoing attempt to minimise gender, ethnic and religious bias, and to ensure the test is culturally fair.

After the test, candidate response data is analysed to ensure individual questions and the test as a whole have performed as expected. ACER undertakes ongoing research to monitor the characteristics and quality of its tests. This research includes investigations of equity and validity.

Standardised test administration guidelines and procedures are expected to be adhered to at all STAT sittings, whether they managed by ACER or TISC. If you have any concerns about the administration of a test sitting, please put this in writing to the STAT Office (for ACER sittings) or TISC (for candidates who sat their test in WA) within 7 days of sitting your test.